Why ScriptCoach

Writing a script can be a frustrating, lonely and difficult experience.

Don’t let it be.

ScriptCoach is dedicated to offering assistance, support & advice to all writers — from the novice seeking help with all aspects of the scriptwriting process to the seasoned veteran who needs a push through writer’s block.

David is able to provide much more than just notes on your script. Via ScriptCoach and Virtual Pitch Fest, he also offers affordable, long-term support & solutions, including the necessary access to buyers that writers need to get their scripts produced.

The idea is simple: screenwriters benefit from regular input to refine their craft. Other artists receive comprehensive support on an on-going basis. Thespians, for instance, go to acting classes once or twice weekly for many years. Why shouldn’t writers have the same type of direction?

With ScriptCoach, David’s clients can receive top-notch advice on their scripts, and with VPF, they can pitch them to Hollywood producers & reps online with the assurance of a guaranteed response.

Unlike other consultants, David currently works in Hollywood as a producer. He has produced the films “The Fourth Noble Truth,” “All I Want for Christmas” (Hallmark), “Strictly Sexual,” “Caught in the Act,” (Lifetime) “Catalina Trust” & “Chump Change” (Miramax). David is also a licensed psychotherapist, and a published author. For several years, as head of development for Silver Lion Films, David was invited to participate as a buyer in various writing conferences, including the Willamette Writers Conference, the L.A. Screenwriting Expo, Fade In Magazine’s Pitch Festival, the Hollywood Film Festival, and the Santa Fe Screenwriter’s Conference. While taking part in these events, David recognized the need writers have to use someone as a regular sounding board – someone other than the usual agent, buyer or friend. As such, he launched ScriptCoach, with the goal of providing writers encouragement & support.