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Script Notes – $395

The most common screenwriting mistake is sending out your script before it’s ready. Knowing this, David designed this service to get you one step closer to having a professionally written, compelling script. David’s analysis provides you with a 7-10 page critique on all aspects of your screenplay, including story/plot, characters, structure, dialogue, tone & commerciality. In addition to his comprehensive notes, you’ll also be given specific suggestions for improvements & answers to what David calls “The ScriptCoach Seven.” Additionally, you’ll be provided with a ScriptCoach Scorecard, which evaluates your script from top to bottom. Once you’ve purchased this service, please email your script to [email protected].

Turnaround time: 5-7 days

Pitch Letter – $195

To get Hollywood Pros to read your script, you must first have a great pitch letter. Strong pitch letters are a vital first step towards getting your foot in the door. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how good your screenplay is if no one reads it. As a veteran producer, David has proven experience creating professional pitch letters that are compelling & persuasive. Bottom line: This is a terrific opportunity to have your script broken down clearly & concisely so that industry professionals will request it. Once you’ve purchased this service, please email your script to [email protected].

Turnaround time: 5-7 days

Script Notes & Consult – $450

As a screenwriter, teacher & experienced director, I know there’s no set formula. Filmmaking is an individual process. I’ll give you detailed coverage on your project and help fine-tune your ideas, characters & plot into a story that feels personal & professional. We will then brainstorm and create goals to help you achieve an awesome final project!

With this service, you’ll receive written feedback on your feature or pilot as well as a 60-minute personal consultation that will highlight tone, plot, character & personalization. Before reading your script, we’ll have a short discussion about the specific feedback you want & need to guide our later conversation.

After purchasing this service, please send your script as a PDF to [email protected]. Matt will then respond & set up your initial call.

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