The Program

David’s Mentoring Program is designed to take writers from first draft to final draft in 5 months. You can begin the process with a script you’ve written, or an outline. During your time with David, he will provide on-going analysis, screenwriting support & pitch guidance.

Phase 1:

  • You will be provided 7-10 pages of detailed notes on your script or outline.
  • You will have a telephone consultation with David to go over the notes.
  • You & David will agree on a plan for the next draft.

Phase 2:

  • You will write a new draft based on David’s notes and consult.
  • You will have a second telephone consultation with David to go over the new draft.
  • You and David will repeat this process until the script is ready for market.

Phase 3:

  • You will be given a professionally query letter.
  • David will provide leads on companies to pitch.
  • You will be given 50 FREE PITCHES on VPF.

Once you purchase, please email your script to [email protected].